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6 Easy Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Outfit

Not all of us can afford to replenish our wardrobe whenever we want and this can leave you feeling stuck in a rut wearing the same old outfits. You’re bored with the same look and this can bring you down. Don’t worry! There are easy tricks to spruce up your existing outfits and you don’t need a ton of money to do them. You’ll be surprised at just how easily you can convert your normal ‘tired’ outfits into striking clothing that turns people’s heads. Here, we’ve detailed six easy ways to instantly upgrade your outfit.

Wear your shirt differently 

For a completely different look, tuck in your shirt instead of knotting it. This looks smart when you use a dressy shirt that buttons up at the front. Wear some jewelry if dressing for a work meeting or an evening out, such as some pretty stud earrings and a delicate ring. You can also turn this into a more casual outfit. Simply roll up the cuffs, undo the top button, and keep your jewelry to a minimum for a more relaxed vibe. 


  • Add a jacket

Wearing a jacket adds another layer to your look and can help dress your outfit up or down as needed. A heavy material, such as denim, also helps keep you warm in winter while a lightweight fabric, such as linen, keeps you feeling cool and fresh in summer. Push up the sleeves or roll the cuffs for a casual appeal or drape the jacket over your shoulders for an edgy look.

Complement your outfit with the right jewelry

Choosing the jewelry to wear with your outfit can transform the overall look to a polished one. The key is not to overdo it. When you want to look casual, avoid jewelry altogether but for a smarter or dressier look, jewelry adds the finishing touch. Consider some striking ear cuffs, some cool huggies, or a stunning ankletCombine dressy with casual pieces.


We tend to keep certain attires for dressy situations and other clothing for more casual settings. Switch things up when you combine both together. Jeans with a pretty top and strappy sandals work well as does pairing a dress with sneakers. A plain off-the-shoulder sweater looks instantly glam when worn with a choker

Use a neck scarf in different ways

There’s no end to the different looks you can achieve with a neck scarf. A bold color or pattern gives instant pep to a plain outfit. Flick it around your neck so it hangs loosely to the front and back or tie it at the front to the center or side. Make a statement with a choker style or have a much looser version of this for a softer look.

Who says you need to wear your neck scarf around your neck, though? Repurpose it as a belt or hair accessory. Add flair to an oversized T-shirt or a pair of distressed jeans using your scarf as a colorful belt. Tie it around your head with a knot at the top or use it with a ponytail as a change from your normal hair clips.

Mix your prints and be bold with colors

You may have shied away from mixing prints before but now’s the time to try some clothing combos for a fresh, unique look. You might balk at the idea of mixing stripes with floral designs or animal prints with other patterns but when done correctly, you’ll end up with an eye-catching ensemble. Think in opposites to make things easier. For example, pair a simple print with a complicated one or a large pattern with a small one. The same applies to the colors used too. Yellow pairs well with blue, for example, just as green does with red, and the black and white combo is a well-loved classic.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules with colors, either. You may have always been told never to pair red with pink or blue with black, but that’s so outdated and you can achieve a great look with the right clothing choices. Bite the bullet and start pairing complimentary colors to upgrade your outfit in a creative way.  

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