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A Guide to Buying and Incorporating Ella's Shaping Cycling Shorts

Athleisurewear is one of the most comfortable and versatile types of clothes. E's Element cycling shorts are a great wardrobe basic that falls under this category! Read more to learn how to care for these and style them.

Fitted Cycling Shorts

Give your thighs the attention they deserve. Fitted cycling shorts are made from a great material that molds to your body, yet provides all the support you need when road biking. The aerodynamic design gets rid of unwanted material flapping in the wind, so you can focus on the ride. Usually, they are made from a moisture-wicking fabric that makes it ideal for long rides. The shorts will support your muscles, keeping you comfortable and injury-free.

Loose Fitting Cycling Shorts

Loose fitting cycling shorts are more popular with casual urban, trail and mountain bike riders. They have a more modest look and are more abrasion and snag resistant than fitted shorts. Still made with lightweight and stretch fabric to stay comfortable they are designed for more modest wear, more abrasion-and-snag-resistant than the usual fitted shorts. These shorts are for if you are going on a long bike ride and not worried about how the shorts look on you.

Inseam Length

Long inseam shorts are designed for cyclists that need more thigh support. The longer length provides better muscle support to the quads, making them more comfortable for a more powerful cycling experience. Matching that with the right fabric orientation within the panels can provide additional muscle support. Definitely the way to go for serious riders.

The shorter inseam length provides you with the option of avoiding an obvious cyclist's tan. Paired with flatlock seams that are less obtrusive than overlock seams and reduce friction.

Cycling Shorts Care

Check your bike for any exposed velcro or sharp edges on saddle packs and frame-mounted accessories. Velcro can chew up a pair of shorts in a single ride. Additionally, protect your shorts and other apparel by using laundry bags for any clothing or gloves with Velcro. Take care of the investment you made in your bike shorts by washing them in a mesh laundry bag. This will protect them from snags and make it easier to separate them from other items in the wash.

Ella Shaping Cycling Shorts

After taking all of this into consideration, here at E's Element we've designed the most ideal cycling shorts that combine the benefits of comfortable, usable, athletic wear with style. Our ribbed biker shorts are handmade with love. They feature a flattering mid-rise waistband and hip shaping to create a smooth silhouette, while the fabric is soft and breathable, making them perfect for hiking or any other outdoor activity. These biker shorts are designed to be flattering and comfortable. The fabric is made of a rayon blend, which makes it soft and stretchy. Inspired by the fashion forward streets of Toronto, this style features our signature ribbed detail and elastic waistband. We love these biker shorts. The material is so soft and hugs your body in all the right spots, while accentuating all of your favorite features. The best part? They are made with material to provide confidence throughout your workout. The best part? They are made with material to provide confidence throughout your workout. These cycling shorts feature E's Element's embroidered logo in all the right places. The design is more durable, which means you can wear them for a wide variety of activities.

Fashion Ideas Outside of the Gym

A stylish pair of shorts that can be worn on or off the bike. The Ella Shaping Cycling Shorts have been designed to give you comfort and support when cycling, but also formalize into a style statement when paired with a plain T-shirt - making them ideal for a workout or for everyday wear. These shorts are awesome for the gym but also perfect for everyday style. Great for working out, or just hanging out with friends. Ella Shaping Cycling Shorts are designed to offer the comfort and performance of regular compression shorts, with the added benefit of a midsection reduction effect.


Whatever you're doing, wherever you're going, these cycling shorts go with you. From the gym to class to work, they have plenty of room for versatility when it comes to fashion. We suggest pairing our E's Element bike shorts with the additional E's Element Jewelry collections. Anything in gold or silver or whatever else suits your taste. We recommend some of our linked necklaces that we have as they are the ultimate accessory to give off that casual look. When paired with a classic crew neck and side straps add a touch of style giving you a sporty but put-together look overall.

Crop Tops

If you love the summer, crop tops and biker shorts are the perfect combination for you. You can wear them while working out and they are also extremely breathable which means they will keep you cool on those hot summer days. They offer so much flexibility, comfort and ease that it is almost like wearing pajamas all day long. Whether you're going for a run or just to have some fun in town these small pieces will make you feel confident, stylish and sexy all at once. Perfecting the proportions of your body shape is all about balance. Cropped tank tops and biker shorts are a classic combination because they are so flexible and easy to mix together to create a wide range of looks that bring out your best features. This outfit is particularly effective in summer because of its breathable material. It's almost like wearing nothing at all. Better yet, in the fall go for the cropped sweater or cropped long sleeve that will still provide you with the same freedom but in the cooler weather.

Denim Jackets

Just to add on an extra layer to the crop top mentioned above. Try throwing on a jean jacket! The combination provides you with the ability to cover up if it's too chilly in the fall while still reaping all the benefits we just mentioned.

Overall, our cycling shorts are way more versatile than we see them currently being used, and here are just a few ideas of how to spice them up and take them to the next level.

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