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Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts

E's Element Ella White Gemstone Ring and Heart Charm Pendant Necklace.
Celebrating love and treating yourself (and your lover) to special gifts should be a part of your every day routine! Valentine’s Day is a great reminder of these practices. It’s an opportunity to spend a bit more energy on yourself and your loved ones, reviving the ways you show love. Traditionally, little treats like jewelry and chocolates serve as physical representations of the appreciation you hold for people in your life. E’s Element is a great source for the pieces that make the sweetest gifts.

1. Build an “I Heart You” Set 

This Valentine’s day spoil your loved one with a complete set of five or more pieces to give them a new arsenal of essentials to enjoy. Choose from necklaces, rings, anklets, and earrings adorned with loving messages and the cutest heart designs! While this is fitting for the holiday, each piece pairs well with everyday wear making them practical and sweet representations of love. Customize your own “I Heart You” set from the selection available 

2. “More Self Love” Chain 

While Valentine’s Day is considered a time for lovers and couples, its also a chance to take time for celebrating self love. Developing a loving relationship with yourself looks different for everyone but is an important foundation for every relationship (romantic or otherwise). The “More Self Love” Chain serves as a reminder for the many affirmations you can practice in your life. Affirmations such as this can be used as a baseline to return to, guiding you through your day to day experiences and overall shifting you towards a life full of love!

3. Ella White Gemstone Ring

The Ella White Gemstone Ring is the perfect gift! Crafted from 18k gold IP plated stainless steel, this ring is designed durably to retain shine and shape after long term wear. The heart shaped ring is a great gift on its own but can also be paired with the matching Heart Charm Pendant Necklace. Rings are traditionally a fitting gift for representing love, naturally reminding the wearer of the intention behind it as you can look at it on your finger at all times!

4. Emmanuela Set in Gold

All of E’s Element’s pieces are non-binary and styled stunningly by everyone! The Emmanuela Set in Gold is particularly suited to unisex styling making it a great gift for your lover! The necklace and bracelet pair are great key pieces to build off of when wearing jewelry. The Cuban link chain set comes with a necklace and bracelet. It is a classic that is sure to be appreciated by anyone opening up a gift on Valentine’s Day.

5. Hollow Heart Out Ring

The Hollow Heart Out Ring  is a super cute gift that’s bound to put a smile on anyone’s face! This classic style ring is simple and versatile. Available in both gold and silver it’s easy to pair with so many different looks. The compatibility with any style makes it a great gift for friends, family or other loved ones you want to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. As a day of abundant love, gifts are never limited to your partner! 

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