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How to Care for Your New Jewelry: 10 Top Tips

Every piece in the jewelry box has a sentimental value whether it is fine or costume jewelry. For some, it is an investment, but we will always have an attachment to them. It means you would want to make sure that you can wear them forever and that they still look their best as the years go by.

Just like our new clothes, bags, and other fashion garments and accessories, our new jewelry also needs some extra care and attention too so it can stay at its sparkling best.

If you are quite unsure exactly where to begin, here are the top 10 tips to quickly yet efficiently care for your new gold, silver, or gemstone pieces. 

Care Tip #1: Keep your jewelry dry at all times

When you are about to do your household cleaning, wash the dishes, do some painting, go swimming, or do any activity that involves getting wet, make sure to keep your jewelry in a safe place or make sure to immediately wipe it dry.

If the jewelry gets wet, it can easily be tarnished and that is something you surely would like to avoid especially for new loved pieces.

Care Tip #2: Be careful with light and heat

Just like our skin, the sun’s heat and light can also affect and damage a gemstone’s color and even its durability. Over time, they may fade under extreme light exposure. Make sure not to stay under the sun for too long while you have your precious sets of jewelry on.

Care Tip #3: Put it away from chemicals

This is one of the top reasons jewelry pieces get damaged and tarnished because many people often put them on first and take them off last which should be the other way around. Make sure that when you prepare for a dinner date or get ready for the office, put on your favorite E’s Element pieces last to avoid spraying or exposing them to chemicals such as perfume and other beauty products. Also, don’t put on lotion with jewelry.

Care Tip #4: Don’t wear the same piece every day for a long time

We understand that we have our personal favorites too when it comes to our jewelry collection but wearing the same piece every day for quite some time can badly wear it down. 

You may use your Herringbone Chain necklace on Monday and then switch to the Infinity Zircon necklace on Tuesday. For your night out with friends, use the More Self Love Affirmation Necklace. You just need to put your pieces on rotation. 

Care Tip #5: Wipe them off before putting them back in their rightful boxes or containers

It won’t take much time to wipe off your jewelry before putting them back in the box. Use a clean lint-free polishing cloth. By doing this, you can make sure that the jewelry is completely dry and free from unwanted dirt. 

Care Tip #6: Use an ultrasonic cleaner with caution

Cleaning a jewelry piece using an ultrasonic cleaner can be very convenient, however, you should use it with caution. There are materials like pearls, coral, tortoiseshell, ivory, amber, jet, and other treated gems that should not be put inside an ultrasonic cleaner. 

Care Tip #7: Never discount the idea of asking for professional help

There are tons of do-it-yourself tips and tricks online on how you can clean your jewelry. However, it is always better to ask for professional help just to make sure that your pieces won’t be damaged. 

Care Tip #8: Store your necklaces properly and individually to avoid tangling

This is one of the common frustrations when storing a long necklace - tangling. To avoid this while in storage, you can lay them flat in a drawer or in a storage box that is only intended for that single piece. Do not hang all your necklaces in one spot. 

The Emmanuela Set in Gold chain and bracelet which is also available in silver has two separate velvet pouches where you can conveniently store them.

Care Tip #9: Keep gold away from silver

Gold is a softer metal and can be easily scratched when it comes in contact with some materials like silver. Store them in your E's Element jewelry box individually just like your other important pieces to avoid scratching and damage. 

Care Tip #10: Polishing is always better than washing for silver jewelry

When it comes to your pure silver pieces, polishing is better than washing and you only clean them when it is necessary. Use liquid silver polish and clean wipes. The same goes with Sterling Silver. You can also use your Anti-Tarnishing Polishing Cloth to clean your jewels. Never mixx your polishing cloth with water when cleaning.

E's Element will be introducing jewelry spray cleaners late 2022. Join our VIP list to get notified when it drops! :)

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