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The Evolution of Athleisurewear Trends - 1990s to the Present

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As its name implies, athleisurewear describes clothing that combines athletic and casual leisure garments. Like many long standing trends, this has roots in the influence of Black celebrities and artists’ fashion sense. E’s Element’s  multifaceted athleisurewear, pulls from these stylish influences, adding a unique perspective as a hand cut and sewn line. The presence of athleisurewear in media and the fashion industry can be traced back over the decades, continuing to evolve today!


Trends in the 90s

The intersection of the music industry and fashion has always been an interesting space where trends are born. The 90’s biggest hip-hop and R&B icons (think Aaliyah, TLC, Missy Elliott) set the tone for styling brands primarily meant for athletic wear. Sporting oversized sweatpants or jogging pants paired with baby sport shirts was a signature look seen on celebrities and adopted by the mainstream crowds. Pictured below are TLC members wearing Champion sweatpants, layered over mesh basketball shorts and fitted t-shirts. Like many 90s trends that have come back in full swing, this silhouette pairing is still popular today! Champion and other sporting brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma have been so influenced by the trend of athleisurewear they introduced lines specifically for casual wear. Rather than shifting from sport to leisure, E’s Element differs from these brands, designing with comfort and casual styling as our central intention. Read more about our design and production process. 

3 TLC members posed together

TLC Via pinterest 

Trends in the early 2000s

Looking back to the early 2000s, velvet tracksuits are undoubtedly a defining fashion trend. A velvet two-piece Juicy Couture set seemed to be the go-to casual outfit for A-list celebrities, musicians and the “it” girls of the time. Like the 90s, early Y2K trends have circled back into relevancy. In response to the cultural shift towards old aesthetics, brands are reviving the velvet tracksuit. While many brands have done temporary releases of tracksuit lines in collaboration with influencers or other small brands, it can be hard to find good quality velvet garments made to last. E’s Element designs a range of velvet pieces including a velvet tracksuit, and a contemporary spin on this Y2K trend, a two piece velvet tank and short set. Unlike huge retailers that carry an excess of rotating stock, E’s Element produces small batches allowing the design team to pay careful attention to the production of each piece.

Beyonce on a street photographed by paparazzi

Beyonce Via pinterest 

Trends in the 2010s

During the decade of 2010s fashion influencers entered a wave of mixing luxury pieces with athleisurewear a trend that trickled into retailers and the masses. Pictured below, supermodel Naomi Campbell is seen wearing Adidas track pants paired with a luxurious fur coat and designer handbag. Other stars like Rihanna, Kanye West and more embraced this aesthetic and pushed it forward as one of the decades most exciting styling approaches. Design houses like Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga fully integrated this trend, partnering with brands like Adidas to release collections that completely fuse luxury and athleisure. Since the 2010s this trend has only skyrocketed, with every level of retailers releasing lines that cater to the athleisurewear demand! E’s Element is unique in its multifaceted approach to fashion. Offering both athleisurewear and jewelry, we completely understand the intersection of different styles to facilitate unique expression. In line with fusing luxury and athleisurewear we believe in dressing up your everyday wear with the right accessories, check out the jewelry pieces we hand select to pair with our athleisurewear.

supermodel Naoimi Campbell walking across the street in a fur coat and track pants

Naomi Campbell via Pinterest

Trends today 

The athleisurewear trend can be traced back over decades but has steadily evolved, growing in popularity. Today’s supermodels and influencers continue to embrace athleisurewear with a shift towards biker shorts and tracksuits. It’s no surprise that the trend has persisted with athelisurewear offering comfort, style and an easy process of getting ready. E’s Element embodies the essence of all of these great qualities in our pieces. In response to these booming trends, we offer high quality shaping cycling shorts, and the perfect essential tracksuits for everyday wear. 

Hailey Bieber photographed by paparazzi

Hailey Bieber via Pinterest
Looking back at the persistence of the athleisurewear trend, there’s no sign of it slowing down. It will be exciting to see what comes next but there’s no doubt timeless pieces like a tracksuit have remained in style and will continue to. Investing in a high quality E’s Element tracksuit is a great move to build your wardrobe! 

Singer Rihanna walking through airport in tracksuit

Rihanna via Pinterest

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