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7 Fashion Trends You Cannot Miss in 2023

Every year, we are witnessing new trends and styles in fashion, and considering what we have been through and what we are still going through due to the global pandemic, we can still happily say that the fashion industry is never backing down. It carries on and is getting more and more creative.

Despite the trendless 2020 and 2021, we can only expect more maximalism, more groovy prints, vibrant colors, diverse designs, and an overall eclectic approach to styling. 

Within the past couple of years, we have seen how face masks with bright and vibrant colors complete our ensemble and still make a statement. We have also witnessed a lot of retro styles and classics come back to like in the 20th century. The iconic designs back in the days are here blending in with the modern era fashion.

2022 is now in full swing and we are going to witness yet another set of fashion trends. We have listed down the top 7 that you shouldn’t and wouldn’t want to miss. Ready your wardrobes!

Bodycon Dresses

Sexy and ladylike, bodycon dresses are hard to beat despite the ever-changing dynamics of trends in the fashion arena. This type of dress flaunts your curves and is the best outfit to be in to show off your curves. 

We may see more sultry figure-hugging dresses ranging from classy, elegant, and slimming black to skin-tight frocks that have interesting colors and prints.


Wrap Maxi Dresses

The wrap maxi dress trend will be locked in for good! This is one of the dresses that will surely never go out of style. It embodies simplicity and sexiness while allowing us to enjoy its functionality and uncomplicatedness at the same time.

Our fave summer chic style dress can range from whimsical designs to plain colors that will make you feel good and more vibrant for the season.

Complete your ensemble with The World Is Yours Chain Necklace and be ready to conquer anything that your heart desires!


Mini Skirts

As seen on famous runways and from celebrities, one of 2022’s biggest fashion trends will be mini skirts. Time to rummage your wardrobe and bring out your favorite skirts you’ve been keeping for a while now. 

Gearing up to be a major item this new year, miniskirts can look chic and polished on anyone and not just for petite women anymore. But there are proper ways to rock this trend.

Don’t go for skirts that are too high or too flowy. Find the perfect balance between loose and fitted. Invest in radiant colors and prints where you could easily flaunt your style and your personality.

It is so easy to mix and match. You can use flats or heels depending on the occasion and use neutral-colored or bright tops. There is so much to do with this lovely trend!


Velvet Ternos

Velvet proudly returns to be talked about in a whole new guise this new year! It is easy to see why it is a hit for 2022. Its versatility, elegance, luxurious vibe, comfort, and charm are hard to ignore.

Now you can do your workout sessions in style with these lovely Ella Velvet Set with gorgeous and luscious colors of Chocolate, Champagne, Icy Blue, Olive Green, and even Smoky Black. 

These velvet sets will have you snatched and comfy all year long. It is also a great way to display your toned body and curves.


While many of the 2019 trends did not quite become successful for the following couple of years due to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, we are so glad we get to enjoy sweatsuits in the most fashionable way!

This year, we can only expect to see more amazing sweatsuit sets. E’s Element Essential sweatsuit collection is an absolute must-have and is among the most sought-after when it comes to things we can wear on a cold night at home or wherever we go. They are available in elegant and striking Smoky Black and Brown Sugar colors.

Satin Jumpsuits & Rompers

Ready to get even more comfortable this year with the Satin Romper trend. With its light and airy texture and feel, it is a perfect summer outfit to keep you cool.

We can only expect a more sophisticated colorway this 2022. The satin rompers can range from a nighttime outfit to formal evening wear. Elevate your ensemble even more with Alyssa Hoops, Infinity Zircon necklace, and Ella’s Element Heart Charm Anklet


Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves, also known as Juliet sleeves or mutton sleeves, are back with a modern twist. Adding extra to your usual outfit with minimal effort is what puff sleeves would like to bring once again to the fashion arena. As shown on runways at Ulla Johnson, Rick Owens, and more, we can only expect that this trend is here to stay.

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