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E’s Element Turns 3! A Small Business Success Story

We’re so excited to be celebrating E’s Element’s 3rd year anniversary! On January 3rd we reached the anniversary of our launch. As we reflect on this incredible journey, we can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our loyal customers, and the vibrant community that has uplifted us. The past three years since our launch have been filled with so many beautiful moments. In this blog post we’ll look back on some of our favourite milestones. 

Very First Pop-Up 

E’s Element’ is primarily an online business, shipping our products and connecting with our community through online platforms. So, when we had our first pop-up at the Big Fest Pop-Up Event in Toronto, it was a big step!  Big Fest Pop-Up was a great event that brought together local businesses and DJs! Since then pop-ups have become a very important aspect of our culture. These events provide the perfect opportunity to get to know you and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. This event was followed by many more pop-ups, we were even featured on CityNews at a pop-up later with Boss Ladies TO. We’re excited to continue meeting you at our future pop-ups!

First International Event - New York

A huge milestone for E’s Element was our first international trip to the Shopify Build Black Event in New York. We were invited to celebrate our success as a Black woman owned business alongside so many other inspirational creators. Bringing our carefully curated collection to the bustling streets of New York was not just a step; it was a giant leap, a testament to our commitment to expanding horizons and embracing new opportunities. As we set up shop amidst the dynamic energy of the city that never sleeps, we not only represented our brand but also proudly showcased the diversity and creativity thriving within the Black community. You can read more about the experience at this event on our blog post. We hope for more worldwide opportunities as we continue to expand.

Article feature with UTM 

Another great milestone to reflect back on is our feature with University of Toronto - Mississauga’s publication called The Medium. This student led interview featured one of our favourite encounters of sharing our story. The article called 'Paving Forward: Emmanuela Okon on Building E’s Element: a Jewlery and Athleisurewear Business’  written by Alice Fanny Han. Sharing the challenges and joys of running a business is an important part of inspiring others and building community. In this interview Emmanuela speaks on how she overcomes challenges which is a great reminder as E’s Elements moves forward, continuing to grow. We love sharing knowledge and were so honoured to speak with Alice. We hope for more interviews, podcasts, and in-person opportunities to share what we’ve learned! 

Being a Guest Speaker at Laurier Panel Discussion 

Speaking at the ACE Laurier University BIPOC panel discussion and market was an exhilarating milestone for E’s Element.  This was not just about sharing Emmanuela’s entrepreneurial insights but a profound moment of representation and empowerment. We were so grateful for the opportunity to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs who might see a reflection of their own dreams in Emmanuela’s story. This event was a celebration of diversity, resilience, and the strength that comes from embracing one's identity in the business world. Laurier University's ACE BIPOC platform provided an invaluable opportunity to amplify the voices of Black entrepreneurs, fostering a space where we can inspire and be inspired. Joining this panel was not just about breaking barriers; it's about building bridges and paving the way for future generations. Here's to embracing the power of representation and creating ripples of change that extend far beyond the walls of the university auditorium.

While these milestones mark some of our rewarding moments of growth, what we look back on most fondly is the consistency we’ve practiced in the last three years. As we spoke on it in a recent blog, What Is It Like To Run A Business, the most fulfilling aspect of running E’s Element is sticking with it during the less glamorous times. Thriving as a small business involves a lot of learning, failure and trying again. This is what we celebrate most especially during our anniversary! We’re excited to continue learning, figuring things out, sharing and connecting with people. Thank you for always supporting us! We wouldn’t be here without such an amazing community! We can’t wait for more years of helping you express yourself through fashion and style.

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