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Embracing Your Personal Style In 2023

 E’s Element carries jewelry | Velvet Sets

Style is an ever evolving reflection of who you are! The pieces E’s Element offers are carefully curated to help you playfully express yourself. We want you to have fun each time you get dressed, embracing your personal style. These are a few things to keep in mind while you discover what you like to wear and what makes you feel good.

Experiment with different silhouettes. 

While you might be inspired by a look you loved on someone else (thanks to endless inspo via explore page scrolling), you may be unsuccessful at duplicating it on yourself. It’s important to consider that clothes fall differently on different body types. Try low, mid and high rise bottoms to find the most flattering and comfortable fit. Experiment with sizing up or down to discover new go-to looks. Think of your favourite pieces. Are they structured and boxy? Snuggly fitted and cropped? Take note of what fits you tend to go for!

The fit of a piece doesn’t only apply to clothes but accessories too. E’s Element carries jewelry that comes in so many different styles. Try dainty, layered pieces and bold chunky statement ones to discover what looks good on you.  By consciously shopping with fit in mind you can find a combination of silhouettes that work perfectly for you! 

Play with different colour palettes. 

Being selective with the colours in your wardrobe is a fun way to accentuate your features and communicate how you feel. Every skin tone can be complimented by a range of shades. If you find pieces you love that come in different colours, try each one to discover what looks most vibrant against your skin.

E’s Element’s range of velvet sets come in different colours that look good against various skin tones. The Chocolate Brown Velvet Jogger Set is a deep brown that looks rich against lighter tones while the Ella Champagne Velvet Set compliments darker skin tones or paired with darker toned accessories. Whether you tend to choose neutrals, earth tones, or bright palettes, colours can allow you to express the mood and persona of your outfit. Have fun while getting dressed and don’t be afraid to try new colour combinations!

Lean into what makes you feel good. 

Curating your wardrobe and getting dressed is an exciting experience! Developing your sense of style involves reflecting on your lifestyle, how you feel and how you want to share with others.Your clothes and accessories are vessels for self-expression!  Every piece you own should be functional and make you excited to wear.  While trends can be fun to follow, it’s important to define what style preferences are unique to you. Consider what you feel good in and why you like things, using these as a guide to choose what you wear. 


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