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Stainless Steel Jewelry vs. Costume Jewelry - How to Choose Jewelry Pieces

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There are so many types of jewelry out there, but the most popular types are stainless steel and costume jewelry. Both have gorgeous pieces that you can add to your collection. With so many options, it can be hard to choose which one is best for you. Here are the differences and similarities between the two kinds of jewelry.

What is Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless steel jewelry is made from high-quality, nickel-free metals. It is hypoallergenic, which means it's safe to wear for people with allergies to certain metals. You can also wear it to replace silver and gold pieces. It's composed of an alloy, so it's resistant to rust and chipping. The blend of chromium and titanium also makes it easy to maintain. Stainless steel creates less waste during the manufacturing process because it's made from recycled metals. Helping the planet and looking stylish while doing it! Stainless steel jewelry is affordable, so you can purchase a fine piece without breaking the bank! You can dress it up or down for any event or activity, even exercise. Stainless steel gold-plated jewelry comes in eye-catching designs. Its smooth design can give you a simplistic look or something fierce.


What is Costume Jewelry?

Costume jewelry is made from cheap materials, like plastic or base metals that may contain nickels. It is a decorative piece that complements an outfit. The materials may trigger allergic reactions as it isn't hypoallergenic. Other materials like brass can degrade easily. Gold plating or yellow plating over brass has a nice appearance, but its color won’t last long since the material is thinly coated. E’s Element Ella Figaro Necklace is yellow plated and made from alloy brass. What makes using these materials for our products work is that the base metal is copper which is durable and maintains the look of the jewelry. Other alloys are used to increase the resistance of the gold color. It’s recommended that you avoid wearing any alloy plated jewelry like our Ella Lava Rings near water, to keep its color strong. Costume jewelry designs follow trends, which means its appeal may run out after some time. Costume jewelry will suit your goals if you're looking for something to make a bold statement to your outfit or simply experimenting.

Similarities and Differences

Both types are affordable and easy to take care of, but stainless steel mostly requires polishing from time to time. Soap and warm water will also clean grime away, but don't oversaturate it in water. It is more durable than costume jewelry, so the jewelry doesn't tarnish. The color on costume jewelry fades away quickly and also lacks long-term shine. However, since the material of costume jewelry is cheaper, it is more low-cost than stainless steel jewelry. Costume jewelry is trend-driven, so it's designs usually make a big statement and use daring colors. Stainless steel jewelry is simple and is a favorite among masculine jewelry, like watches.

Gold Cuban Link Anklet on grey background and orange E's Element Jewelry Slide Box and Microfiber Pouch | Stainless Steel Jewelry | E's Element

E’s Element Cuban Link Anklet is a best-seller. This stunning piece features three sizes of 18K gold with IP plating. It is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. It’s also versatile because you can wear it as an anklet and bracelet and layer different chains.

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Keep silver and gold jewelry separate from each other as gold is a softer metal that is more susceptible to scratching. A humid environment or extreme light exposure can be damaging to jewelry. Heat will cause the jewelry color to discolor due to oxidation. Store your jewelry collection in a cool, dry place when the weather is warm. Make sure to keep them in a cushion-lined container or baggie to avoid scratches. Microfiber cloths are gentle but tough on dirt that accumulates on jewelry. Avoid wearing jewelry when you're using chemicals like perfumes or cleaning products. Wipe your jewelry down frequently or before you wear it for the day. Maintaining a consistent pattern of cleaning your collection will help your jewelry last longer and look fresh.

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