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Opened orange box. E's Element logo is on the cover. Line drawing of a lady on the bottom of the box. There is a white sheet of paper with the word "MYSTERY BOX" in black in the center. E's Element Mystery Boxes by E's Element.

Ultimate E's Element Bundle

597 kr
Box Value$75
Your Preferred Ring Size6
Your Preferred Clothing Size (select *not interested* if you do not want clothing included in your mystery box)Small

*Enabled back on February 22nd*

Who doesn't love a good surprise mystery? That is why E's Element has created a selection of mystery boxes valued at  $75CAD, $125CAD, $150CAD, $200CAD, $300CAD.

Select a box to be surprised! Let E's Element relieve your tension by selecting a few products for you at random based on your options. LET THE MYSTERY BEGIN!

*Mystery boxes have been extended till 2022*

*Discount codes are not eligible for mystery box orders*

Jewelry Care

No perfumes should be sprayed directly on the jewelry piece. Also, we recommend that you do not keep your E's Element piece under water for very long! This increases the life and lustre of the jewelry.

Athleisurewear Care

- Refrain from machine-wash for a while, as this could loosen up the material of the sweatsuit, which is natural for most clothing

- Hand washing is recommended. Do not dry clean.

- For a looser feel, the more you wear your sweatsuits, the looser it becomes.

- Do not wash the sweatsuits excessively as this could damage the quality of the clothing.

- When using the machine-wash method, ensure the machine is set to cold gentle.

- Do not use bleach

- Do not tumble dry

- Warm iron on reverse if required.

1- E's Element Sticker Sheet on orders over $200CAD

1- Jewelry Polishing Cloth

1- E's Element Keychain (out of stock)

1- Thank You Card

1- Business Card

Have questions?

Don't hesitate to dm us on Instagram - or fill out the contact form here for a faster response.

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Ultimate E's Element Bundle

597 SEK

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