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How Do I Know If The Clothes I Buy Are Worth It?

When shopping for clothes, you should always aim to invest in pieces that will last you a lifetime. At E’s Element we aim to produce and curate items that you can love as long-term staples in your wardrobe. Upgrade your athleisure style with our range of comfy apparel to suit any size or shape! Find something to match your lifestyle - all in one convenient online clothing store. We use the following qualities to create the selection of garments we offer. You can use these as a guide when shopping anywhere for clothes.

1. Comfort

When shopping for clothing, comfort should always be the top priority. Look for fabrics that feel good against your skin, as well as clothing items with a flexible fit. When trying on clothes, consider an item's durability and movement capabilities to ensure you are getting maximum comfort while wearing it.

2. Quality

Quality should also be a factor when considering clothing purchases. The materials used in construction of clothes can make all the difference in the longevity of each item. Stick with quality fabric such as organic cotton or modal rather than synthetic fabrics like polyester. Consider the workmanship and stitching of buttons and seams when looking at details of a garment. You can read more about the quality and production of E’s Element pieces.


3. Variety 

You will want to look for variety when shopping at a clothing store, so make sure to see if they have different colors or styles than you would find anywhere else. A wide selection of sizes is key too, as everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and wants something that fits them perfectly but still looks stylish.

4. Reasonable Prices 

Price matters whether you’re buying high-end designer clothes or basic essentials for your wardrobe, and finding the best deals is easier than ever thanks to online stores competing for our business. Look around online before going out to physical stores to get an idea of what prices are offered elsewhere and price compare between different shops to find the best deals possible!


5. Durability 

Durability is important because you want your clothes to last longer than just a few wears — which is why it's important to pay attention not only to how comfortable a piece might be but also how durable it is and how likely it may be to fall apart after multiple uses or washes. Quality items will hold up much longer compared to cheaply made ones, so check labels for fabric composition before making any final decisions!  

6. Stylish Design 

Stay up-to-date with trends by shopping stores that offer stylish designs that reflect current fashion trends but also stay classic enough that they don’t go out of style soon after purchase! Many businesses take inspiration from runway looks from all over the world – consider these when searching stores both online and off-line – there are differences between collections being offered depending on where you shop so pick one location with plenty of options & variety! Browse the latest designs of athleisurewear available at E’s Element.

7. Versatility 

The perfect clothing pieces are versatile enough that they can be worn countless ways within your wardrobe without looking monotonous or dull over time – while we love statement pieces just as much as anyone else, having those staple garments in your closet makes transitioning seamless between day outfits & nightwear! Try mixing accessories with certain items such as pairs of light trousers with sandals during summer season & chunky knits during winter months - this allows creating more unique looks each time yet achieve the same desired results; looking fashionable effortlessly! E’s Element Chocolate Brown Velvet Jogger Set is the perfect versatile set. You can wear any of the items together or style them separately with other pieces to change up the look! You can even style the hoodie with the Ella Chocolate Velvet Set for a summertime look. Another spin on this brown velvet ensemble is the crop top from the Ella Chocolate Velvet Set paired with the jogging pants! View the photo of our model bellow mixing the two sets together for a new look, the options are endless!

Look and feel amazing wherever you go when you shop at our online athleisure store. Get the latest apparel featuring comfortable, stylish designs at great value prices.

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