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How to Revamp Your Jewelry Style this Spring

Spring is a time for renewal! By aligning your practices with the seasons you can make refreshing updates to your lifestyle. Much like spring cleaning, changing up your accessory collection and style is a great task to do in the spring. Here are some tips you can follow to revamp your jewelry style for this spring.

1. Stack Your Rings

Layering your rings is a fun and easy way to update your jewelry style. Mix and match different materials and styles to create a unique look. Try mixing dainty pieces like the Hollow Heart Out Ring with chunkier pieces like the Ella Lava Ring 2.0. Stacking your rings is an adaptable trick that goes with any rings you already own. This is a great way to revive old styles in a new way!

E's Element water resistant jewelry

Featured: Hollow Heart Out Ring on bottom middle finger and Ella Lava Ring 2.0 on bottom ring finger

2. Experiment with Unique Materials

Spring is all about unique materials and bold patterns. If you tend to go for traditional solid gold or silver styles you may like pieces like the Infinity Zircon Necklace, a gold plated chain and a rectangular pendant that comes in solid black or white. While black and white pendants are unique materials, they are still easily styled with many different outfits! The Infinity Zircon Necklace also comes with a matching Infinity Zircon Ring if you want a complete look or if your go to pieces are rings rather than necklaces!

two models wearing E's Element water resistant jewelry on the beach

Featured:  Infinity Zircon Necklace in White on the left 

3. Invest in statement pieces

Bold, statement jewelry pieces are a must-have for the spring season. Look for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that make a statement and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Chunkier elements, bold and bright colours and intricate designs all make memorable statement pieces that can revamp your style! E’s Element Chunky Croissant Hoops are a great statement piece that are not only stylish but make your face a focal point in a very flattering way! These stunning earrings come in silver and gold to cater to your preference!


Founder Emmanuela Okon wearing croissant hoops

Featured: E’s Element Chunky Croissant Hoops

Incorporate these three key tips to revamp your style this spring! The E's Element team is constantly inspired by our growth and evolution thus far. We encourage you to embrace new shifts and growth into what's to come for you and your evolving style this spring!

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