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Is Athleisurewear the Future of Runway Trends in 2023?

four models wearing E's Element Essential Sweatsuit Set in Black

Athleisurewear has taken the fashion world by storm in recent years. This trend combines the comfort and functionality of athletic wear with the style and aesthetic of everyday clothing, creating a fashionable look that is suitable for any occasion. This intersection of style and comfort is where E’s Element was born. During the height of lockdown, when people were seeking a balance between the two to feel comfy at home, founder, Emmanuela Okon, decided to bridge this gap! The question on everyone's mind now is whether athleisurewear is the future of runway fashion in 2023.

There is no denying that athleisurewear has become a lifestyle trend. It has shifted the way we think about fashion, making it more common to wear athletic wear in everyday situations and for outings. The rise of athleisurewear reminds us that clothing is meant to be functional and comfortable. Many retailers have been quick to respond to this, offering more options in the category. In fact, many fashion brands have created their own athleisure lines to cater to this growing trend.

The popularity of athleisurewear has also led to collaborations between athletic and luxury fashion houses. Both streetwear and athleisure have influenced brands like Louis Vuitton, which offers sneakers, bomber jackets, and joggers. In a recent campaign with Yayo Kusama, Bella Hadid can be seen wearing track pants and a sport-like long sleeve crop top. Even traditional houses like Chanel incorporate athletic-inspired elements into their collections. Their Chanel Coco Neige ski line even includes sweatsuit sets! 

Looking ahead, it's safe to say that athleisurewear will only continue to grow in popularity. As more people prioritize comfort and functionality in their daily lives, athleisurewear is becoming the go-to fashion choice. We can expect to see more innovation in this category, with new fabrics, styles, and designs that will make athleisure even more versatile and stylish.

So, is athleisurewear the future of runway fashion in 2023? While it's hard to predict the future of fashion trends with certainty, it's safe to say that athleisurewear will continue to influence the fashion industry in the years to come. Athleisurewear has already made an impact on the runway, and it's likely that we'll continue to see more athletic-inspired elements in high-end fashion collections.

In conclusion, athleisurewear is not just a passing trend, but a lifestyle trend that has become a staple in the industry. Shop E’s Element's limited athleisurewear now to not only stay up to date with these trends but to find quality pieces that you’ll always love in your wardrobe. 

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