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E's Element founder Emmanuela Okon at Toronto Pop Up event

E’s Element Pop-Up Recap 2022

In 2022 E’s Element participated in 10 amazing pop-up events that brought us closer to you! As a primarily online retailer, pop-ups are some of our most exciting days because we get a chance to interact with so many customers. We continue to do these in person shopping events and want to share some of the highlights from these days! 


During the month of February we participated in the Black History Month Celebration and Fundraiser For Jean Augustine Centre. As a Black woman owned business, E’s Element is always thrilled to share space with Black creators, entrepreneurs and platforms that empower Black folks. This online event hosted workshops and performances aimed to raise funding for educational support for young women and girls. This cause was totally aligned with founder, Emmanuela Okon as she exists at the intersection of a Black woman creative and business owner. It was a pleasure to be a part of a wonderful cause!  

This month E’s Element also participated in the Big Fest Pop Up Event (Winter 2022), an urban pop festival and party hosting different vendors. This was such a fun event with an amazing atmosphere and great music from some Toronto DJs!


In March we were a part of the Boss Ladies Toronto Event (Spring 2022). This organization is one of our recurring partners that we love to collaborate with! This event producer operates under the mission of “uniting women entrepreneurs''. Pop-up days with Boss Ladies Toronto are some of our favourites! It’s truly rewarding to be surrounded by so many like-minded women that offer beautiful products and services to the world. If you are a female business owner, you should check out this event host to learn about ways to gain exposure for your business.  


The summer months are always so much fun to attend pop-ups! The great weather, sunshine and people out and about make for the perfect pop-up. In June we had a booth at HER Pop Up Event (summer 2022). We loved interacting with our customers and finally getting to meet some of you in person. Her Market is another recurring pop-up partner we regularly participate with! This event always has a great mix of vendors, from clothing, to beauty products to food and unique businesses like photo booths! This is another safe, uplifting space for female entrepreneurs to grow their business. If you are interested in learning more about Her Market you can read more about them along with some business advice on our blog post Top 4 Tips for Woman Owned Businesses.


In July E’s Element was a vendor at All Blk Market Networking & Tradeshow Event. This was another great space for so many Black entrepreneurs and professionals to showcase their work! Not only was there an abundance of excellent products but also some amazing speakers that shared knowledge about navigating and creating career opportunities. We loved. Being in this environment. It was a great chance to connect with so many business owners.  


August was another successful month of summer pop-ups! After such a great experience with the Big Fest Pop Up Event in February, we attended the Big Fest Pop Up Event (Summer 2022) iteration of the event! We highly recommend coming out to one of the Big Fest Pop Ups as they are a great way to have a blast while discovering your new favourite businesses and performers.  



While fall rolled in, E’s Element continued to take as many opportunities as possible to continue meeting customers in person. This month we participated in the Local Black Street Market By Black Business Student Association at Ryerson (Winter 2022). Post-secondary institutions are great places to interact with younger entrepreneurs and customers who might be aspiring to start their own business. The Black Student Association does a great job at identifying, amplifying and creating opportunities for visibility for Black students and recent graduates. This month we also attended the HER Pop Up Event (Winter 2022). We were thrilled to be part of this great event with HER Market for the second time of the year!   


At the end of the year E’s Element was a vendor at both Boss Ladies Toronto Event (Winter 2022) and The Trending Table Market. Both of these pop-ups were particularly fun as the holidays were approaching and everyone was in a festive mood! The Trending Table Market pop-up took place on Queen Street West close to so many fun attractions! This was a great place to spend the day and try lots of special holiday treats! Holiday pop-ups are a great place to go shopping for unique gifts while supporting local businesses. It’s also the perfect holiday date activity for you and a loved one or with a group of friends! 


We had so much fun in 2022 at our amazing pop-up events. We’re so grateful for the amazing supportive organizations that bring people together and make it possible to engage with so many businesses and people! We’ve already begun our 2023 pop-up journey and are excited for future pop-ups to come. Our next event will be hosted with HER Market in Toronto on Saturday March 25 and Sunday March 26! Hopefully we’ll see you there! You can find out more about the event, which has free entry, at our Instagram.  You can also keep up to date with any pop-ups on our events page which is regularly updated.

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