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Effective Tips for Growing your Small Business

1. Network with businesses you feel aligned with 

Networking and collaborating with other businesses can help you reach new customers, increase your exposure, and create new opportunities. Your small business is sure to have strengths and experience that other entrepreneurs value. By sharing some of your expertise in exchange for theirs you can bridge some gaps you may be facing in operating. For example E’s Element often attends pop-ups as a way to meet not only customers but other entrepreneurs! You can also attend industry events, join business groups, and partner with complementary businesses to grow your network. Another opportunity of great networking and collaborating is working with local entrepreneurs whenever possible rather than sourcing from places beyond your market. For example, when E’s Element is not creating content in-house we always collaborate with amazing local talent such as small local model agencies and photographers. Toronto photographer, Tru, is one of many local artists we love to collaborate with and who also helps us grow our reach!

Featured: Photos of Founder Emmanuela Okon alongside other Canadian businesses and artists via @trucreates instagram

2. Seek feedback from customers

As a startup, seeking feedback from customers is a great way to learn what your customers like and dislike about your offerings, and identify areas for improvement. This valuable insight into what they are looking for in a product or service can help you tailor your offerings to meet their needs more effectively.  Following up with customers and genuinely inquiring about their experience with your business is also a great opportunity to deliver exceptional customer service. Seeking feedback isn’t simply about collecting data but making customers feel cared for. Getting real reviews from customers is a central practice for E’s Element. We are always seeking to connect with our customers to best service them and develop products that they want to see more of. You can read real reviews from customers to get a sense of the community you can build through feedback. 

3. Utilize social media 

As a small business, social media is a great tool for promoting your business. As something you can do with minimal capital, this is one of the most cost-effective and efficient channels to communicate with a wide audience. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer businesses the ability to engage with their audience through interactive posts, responding to customer inquiries, and running advertisements. Using social media can also help businesses establish a strong brand presence, increase website traffic, and drive sales by promoting special promotions and discounts. You can find E’s Element on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube. We use all these channels to reach different audiences and try new ways of delivering content based on the platform. 


Featured: E’s Element Instagram page 

4. Focus on improving the quality of your products or services

The best way to grow your business is by offering products and services that are in demand. While you are in the early stages of developing your startup you will experience trial and error of production and operations processes. It’s important to constantly look for ways you can improve to ensure you are delivering high quality, desirable items/services! This will not only increase customer satisfaction but also help you build a positive reputation and attract new customers.

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