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How Athleisurewear Fuses Your Favourite Styles

E’s Element was born out of an instinct to fuse different passions into one business. Founder Emmanuela Okon has always had an eye for timeless jewelry pieces and clothes that feel good to wear. E’s Element not only offers both, but specializes in athleisurewear, another intersection of fashion! Athleisurewear balances a blend of different fashions in a new way. Investing in multi-purpose clothing like athleisurewear is a great way to build a modular closet full of pieces you love! In this blog post we’ll take a closer look at how athleisurewear incorporates the best aspects of different styles.

Founder of E's Element Emmanuela Okon

Flattering and Comfortable 

Athleisurewear strikes the perfect balance between flattering aesthetics and comfort. This fashion trend marries form and function, offering garments designed to enhance your silhouette while giving you a cozy wear experience. The Ella Chocolate Velvet Set is the perfect example of a set that is comfortable while creating a flattering shape. The use of stretchy fabrics and thoughtful tailoring results in pieces that complement the body, creating a stylish yet relaxed look. Whether it's the precision of contoured seams or the softness of breathable materials, athleisurewear harmoniously combines the desire for fashion-forward designs with the ease and flexibility required for a dynamic, active lifestyle. In athleisure, you can confidently look and feel your best, without having to sacrifice ultimate comfort.

Functional and Versatile

Athleisurewear strikes a remarkable balance between functionality and versatility. Pieces like the E’s Element Essential Sweatsuit give you the practicality of workout attire while seamlessly fitting into the broader spectrum of daily wear. Its functional design, characterized by moisture-wicking fabrics, breathable construction, and ergonomic fits, ensures it's ideal for physical activity. But what truly sets athleisure apart is its remarkable versatility – these pieces can effortlessly transition from the gym to a coffee shop or even a casual evening outing, simply by pairing them with the right accessories. This style is like a blank canvas for personal expression, offering endless possibilities for creative styling.

Model wearing E's Element Essential Sweatsuit Set in Smoky Black

High and Low Fashion

Athleisurewear is a style that masterfully blurs the lines between high and low fashion, creating a dynamic and accessible approach to dressing. This fashion trend allows for a seamless combination of high-end, luxury items with more affordable, athletic pieces, resulting in a unique style.The ability to effortlessly pair designer sneakers, high-quality sports bras, or premium activewear with everyday staples like joggers or graphic tees showcases athleisure's unique appeal. This mixing of price points and brands enables fashion enthusiasts to curate looks that are both luxurious and approachable, making athleisure a welcoming and inclusive style choice for a wide range of individuals, regardless of their budget or fashion preferences.

Athleisurewear offers endless possibilities, and finding what feels good to wear is all about exploring different combinations and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. Mix and match sporty and casual pieces, play with colours, textures, and accessories, and adapt the style to your unique personality. Athleisure is incredibly versatile, so there are rules! It's about embracing your individuality and comfort while staying stylish. Whether you're dressing up your workout gear for a night out or dressing down your everyday clothes for a more relaxed look, don't be afraid to get creative. Ultimately, the key to athleisure is making it your own and feeling great in what you wear. So, let your personal style shine and enjoy all the benefits of athleisurewear!

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