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How Do I Find Fashion Inspiration Online?

E’s Element is mainly an online retailer, so building our online community and presence is a big part of what we do. While we love having pop-ups and events, the opportunity to connect with you digitally is just as meaningful! Not only do we share a lot of our own process online, we also use socials to keep up with what our role models and peers are doing. We want to share some tips about how to consume content mindfully and curate a digital space that is full of the fashion inspiration you’re looking for! 

Be Selective About Who You Follow 

To effectively curate your online content, embrace being selective about who you follow. To help sort through the content you consume, try reviewing all the accounts you’re following. For each one try to identify a few aspects you really like about the account. Maybe it’s their kindness and tone of their videos or captions. It could be useful information they share like local places to shop or simply the style of their photos - whatever it is try to be specific! This can help you uncover which accounts no longer resonate with you, making it easier to release them from your feed. Try doing this periodically to stay in sync with your current interests.

various magazines from soop soop magazine store in toronto

Shown: The Face magazine, 032C magazine, Dazed magazine all available at SOOP SOOP. Image taken from their website

Use IRL Resources to Discover New Content

Social media platforms, digital forums and cool websites are a super convenient way to stay inspired. However, they also have the potential to be draining if we spend too much time engrossed in them. One way to create a healthy relationship with online content is to seek out sources of inspiration in person. This can come from magazines, radio, books, and stores or events that are aligned with your interests.A few great magazine stores that carry niche material are Issues Magazine shop and SOOP SOOP. A great book store is Type Books. You can find material related to your interests by searching stores or events that are local to you! Tangible reference material is a great way to diversify what you consume. It offers a different tone and experience that can prompt a different sense of inspiration than what we get online. Surrounding yourself with analog content can also serve as a lead for what content we want to consume online. For example if you find an editorial spread you love in a magazine, you can find the names of the stylist, photographer and any other creatives involved in making it. If you choose to follow these people online, you still find your way to them in a more organic way. This experience can feel more focused and distinct compared to content that gets lost in the abundance of information you consume at the same time. The intention behind analog content can help your focused inspiration translate into actions in your life, like new habits or styles you really want to embody. 

Be Mindful of Your Screen Time

When thinking about how to find inspiration, we have to consider the times we truly feel inspired. To feel truly excited, motivated to pursue new things or rediscover old patterns you’ve fallen out of - this requires a healthy state of being. A healthy amount of time online looks different for everyone. Some tips we find useful are to avoid going on socials first thing in the morning and as the last thing you do before sleeping. This creates space to establish how you feel and define your goals when you start your day. It also allows for reflection and winding down for a more restful sleep at the end of the day. If you’re trying to decrease your screen time overall, the One Sec app is a cool way to encourage mindful screen time. One Sec connects to your favourite social media apps and makes you take a moment before using the app. In your journey of building a healthy relationship with socials remember to have grace for yourself and know we believe in you!
2 different blogs from the ssense blog page

Shown:  Blog cover photos and titles. image taken from SSENSE blog.

Read More Blogs and Fashion Trend Reports

Blogs and fashion trend reports are a great way to find curated fashion content. Writers often conduct research, spend time brainstorming and create multiple drafts before sharing a piece with the public. These layers of review naturally produce thoughtful and intentional content. These sources also offer a bit more context and information than some social media posts. If you’ve ever come across an image of clothing you absolutely love but it’s posted without any source information it can be hard to identify what it is or where you can find it! Blogs and fashion reports are usually required to credit images and it can be a lot more streamlined to learn more about something you see and love. The E’s Element blog focuses on fashion (Is Athleisurewear The Future of Runway Trends in 2023?), wellness ( How to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Getting Dressed), entrepreneurship (Skill Building Tools for Small Business Owners) sustainability (Checklist for Sustainable Products) and more! Some other blogs we like are the SSENSE blog and our very own founder’s blog StyleByEmmanuela. A great place to find trend reports and case studies is Business of Fashion where you can find information on retail, fashion, beauty and more! 

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